Ann Arbor nuns offer recording of sacred music

ANN ARBOR — They follow in the 13th-century footsteps of St. Dominic, while very much engaging the modern world. They teach in schools all over the United States. They have been the featured guests on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” more than once and seen on Fox News and CNN discussing various aspects of the Catholic faith and their vocation to live a religious life. Most recently, they made it to the finals of the Game Show Network’s highly rated “The American Bible Challenge.”
Now the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, have released their first album with Decca Record Label and De Montfort Music. This debut release of sacred music recorded live from their chapel in Ann Arbor reflects their Dominican spirituality that they share so freely with the popular culture.
“Music has always been part of the daily life of our religious community,” said Sr. Joseph Andrew, O.P., vicaress general of the Dominican Sisters of Mary. “It is a most important medium through which we seek to express our deep love of the Lord. Through our arrangement of this music, we hope to make available the sharing of our prayer-life so that others may, by it, be drawn into their own deeper love of God. This recording has also provided an opportunity for us to make accessible a few original pieces written and arranged by the sisters in hopes of furthering our unique Dominican spirit through the gift of song.”
The album features songs in both English and Latin and includes ancient chants, polyphony and original compositions. The organ, trumpet, and chimes accompany some pieces, while others are sung a capella.
“We are thrilled that the sisters recorded this enchanting collection of music,” said Kevin Fitzgibbons, co-founder of De Montfort Music. “To be able to release music reflective of their community is a true privilege. This recording will transport the listener to the gorgeous acoustics in their chapel and will inspire the pervasive joy of their community through their music.”
“To say we are honored and thrilled for this providential collaboration is an understatement,” said Monica Fitzgibbons, chief operating officer of De Montfort Music. “We have been bestowed with a great privilege to be able to work with the sisters, who are so accomplished in their many pursuits. We are thrilled that they have agreed to document their beautiful music, which until now, has been sung privately in their chapel. We are eager to now share it with the world.”
Produced by the 2013 Grammy Award-winning Classical Producer of the Year, Blanton Alspaugh, “Mater Eucharistiae” will feature 15 tracks — “Holy Mary Mother of God,” “Jesu Dulcis Memoria,” “Te Deum,” “O Gloriosa Virginum,” “Ave Maria To Thee Holy Virgin,” “Quid Retribuam,” “I Am In Thy Hands O Mary,” “Sicut Cervus,” “Stella Splendens,” “Pange Lingua,” “The Annunciation, “ “Ave Maris Stella, “ “Angelus ad Virginem, “Adoro Te” and “Salve Regina.”
“The sisters are a fervent group who sing beautifully,” said Alspaugh. “It was richly rewarding to work with a choir that works so well together and who share an obvious love for music. We were honored to be invited to help the sisters with this recording and are thrilled to share it now with everyone who hears it.”
Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 13, EWTN will run a 30-minute special on the sisters, including a behind the scenes on the making of “Mater Eucharistiae.”
To get a copy, visit “Mater Eucharistiae” is distributed worldwide through Decca/Universal.
Canonically established in 1997 by Cardinal John O’Connor of New York, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist is a young community of consecrated women. They espouse the common life, cloister, times and places of silence, the choral Divine Office and daily Mass. They teach and administer in small, private Catholic schools, including the Spiritus Sanctus academies in Michigan.
De Montfort Music is a division of AimHigher Entertainment — founded by Kevin and Monica Fitzgibbons. Its mission is to sign, develop, produce and bring to market the very best in sacred music. De Montfort recently developed two albums of the Benedictines of Mary, “Advent at Ephesus” and “Angels and Saints at Ephesus,” which both hit Billboard’s number 1 spot and remained there for several weeks.†
Decca Records is part of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest music content company with market-leading positions in recorded music, music publishing and merchandising.

Author: Arnold Medina

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