Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University is a publicly funded university with six campuses across Australia. ACU offers students the opportunity to experience a different aspect of Australia’s culture and environment.

Students may transfer between campuses during their studies (subject to course and unit availability) allowing them to broaden their horizons and enjoy everything Australia has to offer.

1. Ranked and recognized

ACU is the largest Catholic university in the English-speaking world and ranked in the top three per cent of universities worldwide and recognized as one of the world’s top young universities.

ACU has got equal first for five fields of research in Australia – our institutes, centers and faculties boast internationally-renowned scholars, and produce world-class research.

The university is highly ranked by The Good Universities Guide 2018 for Full-Time Employment and Starting Salary, and achieve five stars for Overall Experience, Skills Development and Learner Engagement, assuring you a high-quality academic and social experience.

2. Location

ACU international students can choose to study in five exciting cities around Australia — Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Ballarat. Students also have the opportunity to transfer between campuses to experience more of the beautiful country.

ACU is globally connected with more than 200 universities and educational institutions in over 40 countries around the world. More than 1,000 ACU students go overseas each year as part of their ACU degree.

3. Facilities

The University offers courses across four faculties: Education and Arts; Law and Business; Health Sciences; and Theology and Philosophy.

4. Community

All ACU undergraduate students undertake community engagement activities, which provide a vital opportunity for students to widen their horizons, learn new skills and make a difference in the wider community. Students have the opportunity to reach out to disadvantaged and marginalized people within society, help break the cycle of poverty, promote intercultural and inter-faith understanding, and care for the environment.

5. Cost

ACU is one of the most affordable universities in Australia, offering competitive tuition fees for international students. It also offers full and partial scholarships.

A range of scholarships are on offer for international students, including the International Student Scholarship which covers 50 per cent of full-time tuition fees. This is awarded each year to 20 commencing undergraduate and postgraduate students who demonstrate academic excellence.

6. Courses

ACU offers excellent degree programs in a number of disciplines. These include:

  • accounting and finance
  • business information systems and IT
  • business and commerce
  • education and teaching
  • exercise/sports science
  • nutrition science
  • biomedical science
  • science
  • media production
  • global studies and international development
  • law
  • management (MBA)
  • nursing and physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy and speech pathology
  • philosophy and theology
  • psychology and counselling
  • public health
  • social/youth work
  • visual arts and design.

7. Atmosphere

ACU is large enough to offer a wide selection of courses but small enough to have intimate class sizes and friendly campuses. The University offers an enjoyable, diverse and caring campus culture that provides lots of programmers and opportunities for students to experience and enjoy life outside the classroom. Its six campuses offer a friendly and active campus atmosphere with plenty of sports and extra-curricular activities with which students can get involved.

8. Student services

ACU has extensive experience in the support of international students and our support begins from the moment you arrive in Australia with the airport pick-up service.

There is a dedicated team of international student advisers who can provide information on enrolment, accommodation, finance and general student visa advice. Qualified counsellors are available at each campus to offer free, confidential advice on any issue.

Career development services and career advisers are available on all ACU campuses to assist students and graduates with personal career goals. ACU graduates can access careers support up to two years post completion of studies.

The Academic Skills Unit is available for students to develop their skills for successful university study. Students have access to workshops, online resources, can ask questions online, book consultations or drop in. The services cover exam skills, maths and numeracy skills, academic referencing, and writing and study skills.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are run weekly by ACU students who have already complete a unit. It is a free, voluntary academic support program for first year students enrolled in specific units known to be difficult.

Author: Arnold Medina

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