Flappy Bird Review – All you need to know about Flappy Bird!

If you a smartphone addict who keeps track of the trending applications every single day, then you should have learned about Flappy Bird – the biggest smartphone application of 2013. However, if you haven’t noticed the video game starring the clumsy Flappy Bird, then this article is right here for you.

To celebrate the return of the legendary video game, let’s swipe up to gather some of the most important information about Flappy Bird in this Flappy Bird Review – All you need to know about Flappy Bird!

General Information

Developed by Dong Ha Nguyen and released by an indie game studio named dotGEARS in 2013, Flappy Bird is an Adventure, Side-Scroller, and Arcade video game. The game tells a story about the Flappy Bird, which is also called “Clumsy” or “Stupid” Bird by the fandom of the video game.

Using a bird protagonist that was designed for a canceled game back in 2012, Dong Ha Nguyen has made history in the game community in early 2014. This video game gained massive popularity not so long after it debuted on the iOS App Store, marked Dong Ha Nguyen as one of the top game developers in Viet Nam.

Addictive Gameplay

Featuring 2D retro-style graphics, Flappy Bird requires you to direct a bird whose name is Faby to move continuously to the right side of the screen. The push-button of Flappy Bird is avoiding the Mario-like pipes.

Once the player lets the bird touch the pipe, he loses the game. Because of gravity, the bird will fall, and to avoid this, and the player has to touch the screen and make the bird flap briefly. The player for sure earns 1 point for each time he navigates between one pair of pipes.

As the player reaches the points often, he will be awarded a medal. The more points the player reaches, the higher the class of the medal he receives.

What makes Flappy Bird attracts the players?

At the time of its rising popularity, Flappy Bird helped its developer earns 50,000 dollars through the ads using in the game, regardless of its free download of different platforms.

The statics showed that Flappy Bird received a hundred of thousands of time downloading, and by the second half of 2014, this number had gone to millions. So, the question is, what made a simple-feature video game like Flappy Bird go viral?

The answer was obviously because of its addictive gameplay, which encouraged the player to play the game continuously to keep their game progress. Once you fail the game, you will demand to try again until you finally success with earning your first medal.

By the time you succeed in Flappy Bird, you have already been addicted to this video game without knowing!

The return of Flappy Bird – the revive Phoenix

As the game reached its peak, Flappy Bird was taken down by its developer and finally be brought back not so long after the incident. This time, Flappy Bird will introduce promising gameplay with Multiplayer mode. Will the history repeat itself? Let’s wait and see!

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Author: Arnold Medina