Is James Corden gay?

Full name of James is James Kimberley Corden, he was born on 22 August 1978. He is famous for many different roles: A writer, a producer, a comedian, a TV host, an actor, a singer. He presented many successful projects such as One Man, Two Guvnors; The Late Late Show with James Corden; 70th Tony Awards with the host role. His career spreads from films to television, theatre, video games and music videos and with such big influence, he always appears to be a supportive LGBT ally. There used to be rumors about his doubted relationships with Sean Spicer – White House Press Secretary, or Harry Styles. So, is James Corden gay? Read now to find out.

James Corden’s wife and kids

James used to be in a relationship with Sheridan Smith – an English actress, singer, and dancer who is three years younger than James. After breaking up with Sheridan, he fell for Julia Carey. To be more precise, for several years as a bachelor, James lived with Dominic Cooper – his friend, in a small apartment. Dominic has a longtime friend – Julia Carey and he kindly introduced her to James. Soon, the two started dating and got engaged at the end of 2010. Julia Carey worked in TV and accepts James as who he is.


Two years later, on September 2012, Julia Carey and James Kimberley Corden got married at Somerset, South West England. Until now, they have three kids – a son named Max and two daughters Carey and Charlotte. Their mutual friend Dominic Cooper is the first kid’s godfather. And this is a clue to give answers to the question: “Is James Corden gay?”

Is James Corden gay?

Having a glorious career and a wide range of relationship especially in the showbiz world, James, of course, has been given the common question: “Is James Corden gay?”

James doesn’t usually take his image as a too serious person since he is a comic. It would be abnormal for him if he doesn’t have any social faux pas here and there which might address some public hints. There was one time when was seen kissing Sean Spicer – former Secretary of White House Press. Then he soon explained this action away. In another occasion, he was also caught having excessive gestures toward his friend Harry Styles in a Karaoke video. As a result, one more time we have to think about the question: “Is James Corden gay?”. However, we can be pretty sure that he is not gay at all. He has a happy family as we mentioned above, and he is also, at the same time, the faithful and devoted ally of LGBT community. In case he is gay, he certainly would be the one who does not hesitate a second to come out. For a long time, James Corden has been a strong supporter of LGBT. He and his family have a lot of gay friends and confirm them as an important part of their lives.

When James was asked what he will tell his kids about gay relationships, he believes that their kids will not give him such questions because the perfect answer has always been there: Their friends Chris and Mark have visited them a lot and stayed with them.

In addition, he already prepares the perfect answer if any of his children ask him. The answer is that these are a man and a man that truly love each other, just as the way he loves his wife and Grandma loves Grandpa and that is all.

He also believes that nobody is born wanting to hate anyone, his father and mother taught him to be accepting. And now it’s time to pass on this lesson to his own kids.



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