Tiny sunglasses – Fashion but can’t protect your eyes.

In 2018, tiny sunglasses are one of the hottest fashion trends and become one of the most favorite items of many famous female stars. However, do you know that these glasses can’t protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation? Continue reading the article to know the reason why!

Tiny sunglasses – the hottest fashion trends of 2018

The tiny sunglasses are often sported by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, so not much difficult for this glasses to become one of the hottest fashion trends in 2018.


These glasses come in a variety of colors and shapes such as rectangle, oval, circle, cat eye, … and there is only one point they are similar that is tiny. The lenses diameter of these sunglasses is so small. They are even smaller than the eyes, so they can’t protect your eyes from the UV ray.

These tiny sunglasses have stirred up many style controversies. There are a lot of people like them because of their trendy but many others don’t. Although, they still can sell quickly.

Tiny sunglasses – Fashion but can’t protect your eyes.

As mention above, these sunglasses are very fashion, however, don’t forget that the glasses actually have the main purpose: to protect our eyes from UV ray. In summer, the days get longer and sunnier and it is the reason why you need the sunglasses to protect your eyes.

With small lenses diameter, the tiny sunglasses can’t cover the entire eye, so the light can come in from around the glasses and hit the eyes. Even if you feel so dark when wearing the glasses, the light still can hit the area around your eyes.

As we both know, sunlight is a form of radiation and it can damage the DNA in your eyes or skin. And in summer, the levels of UV radiation can be up to three times higher than in winter, so, with tiny sunglasses, you can’t protect your eyes from the harm of UV ray, especially when you are at the beach or swimming pool.

Moreover, your eyes can get drier because the small lenses can’t protect your eyes from the wind. And that means, they also can’t help you keep debris, dust, and sand out of the eye.

When your eyes are exposed to intense UV rays for a long time without protection or enough protection, they can be sunburn, pain, blurred vision, and even been blindness.

The advice for you

Protect your eyes from the sunlight is really necessary, so, you should choose the sunglasses with the lenses that cover your entire eye.

In addition, you should choose the glasses with label “UV400” or “100% UV protection” to protect your eyes completely.

If you still like tiny sunglasses, you can use them in event or evening because they are more fashionable than functional.

Author: Arnold Medina

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